TV studio: New Origins, infinite resources to reinvent food

What if the origin was a precious source of inspiration to reinvent the food sector? And what if New Origins were the key to meeting the challenge of eating in a way that is more health-conscious and sustainable? By ignoring origins, could we survive what promises to be more than a transition – a real revolution? All these questions will be answered by experts who will share their insights in M.A.D.E.’s TV studio. The series of conferences will feature analyses, previsions, case studies and feedback, updates ... making it The Place To Be!

Take advantage of these two days to stock up on knowledge and ideas. (The schedule may change)
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journalist Olivier Bitoun will host the televised events. Olivier is an economic journalist specialised in mass consumption, and also an experienced host of symposia and conferences. His articles and investigations have appeared in some of the most influential publications: Zepros Métiers Restauration, Revue du Vin de France (catering), Décisions Durables in the sustainable development sector, and Alliancy (digital transformation). He is also the author of two books: Sharing economy, le numérique au service des échanges collaboratifs (ACSEL, 2014) and E-commerce et distribution - Comment Internet bouscule les canaux de vente (ACSEL, 2009).