Innovation tours

Enjoy a 360° overview of innovations !

Do you want to go deeper into exploring innovations and analysing trends? M.A.D.E. offers 90-minute guided tours that take you through a selection of the most outstanding innovations, led by experts from NutriMarketing! New origins, Healthy snacking, Organic, Clean label, New Sensory Experiences, Vegan, Animal welfare, Sustainable development ...: Learn about and draw inspiration from the top current trends by exploring the innovations entered in the M.A.D.E. Awards or spotted at the booths, as well as those already commercialised by international retailers!

The Innovation Tours are the ideal way not to miss any innovations!

Innovations tours

The goal ?

Enable you to analyse and understand consumption trends, while exploring the latest innovations displayed by the exhibitors.

How ?

Our experts compile an analysis of the market and its growth perspectives based on the needs of consumers, then guide you through a selection of 15 outstanding innovations.

Practical information!

Starting point for the Innovation Tours

In the Trends Area located at the entrance of the exhibition, part of the Walk of Fame


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The Innovation Tours are open to all visitors looking for new, original products and trends. However, as the number of places is limited, registration is required. For inquiries or registration, please fill out the form below.

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