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Published on 14/05/2020

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Kruger specialises in instant beverages, including powdered and granulated cocoa beverages, flavoured teas, coffees, cappuccinos…

These smooth, delicious, instant coffee-based recipes include: Plain Cappuccino, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel ...
Various packaging solutions: on-the-go cases with individual packets, family format, with or without a spoon, and even a cocoa sprinkler!

Explore the latest trends in breaks: Latte Macchiatto or Iced Coffee ...

Established in Limoges in 1885, Delouis relies on innovation and respect for French gastronomic traditions to produce mustards, mayonnaises, sauces, salad dressings, and vinegars. Since 1885, Delouis has remained faithful to its motto: “Quality through naturalness.” After pioneering the organic market in the 90s, the company began to focus on the geographical origin of their ingredients. They are convinced of the superior quality and flavour of French products and hope to participate in the growth of the local economy (French products = French jobs). The company’s certifications (BRC, IFS, Ecocert, etc.) and CSR commitments reflect its ambition to have a positive impact on the environment. Despite the difficulties, Delouis is launching a mustard, a mayonnaise and a salad dressing that are 100% made with French ingredients and manufactured in France.

Titok is a manufacturer of dehydrated culinary dishes that specialises in sauce bases, sauces, soups, flavouring, spices, stocks, savoury and sweet dishes, customisable mixes, sports nutrition, and freeze-dried dishes. Thanks to its know-how and R&D department, Titok has created and developed a range of organic dehydrated dishes, including stocks, soups, purées, spice mixes, and dessert mixes.
Their flavour, texture, and ease of use ensure that they meet consumers’ expectations.

La Conserverie des Tuilières ARNAUD is a 50-year-old family business that presents a range of around thirty types of canned pâtés, rillettes, blood sausages and vegetable dishes in 90 g, 180 g, and 280 g jars. These traditional recipes are inspired by French charcuterie from the heart of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Limousin. The company has an investment and innovation strategy that focuses on recognised know-how in France and abroad. The products in its A-brands and private label brands are guaranteed without food colouring or gluten and contain only the best ingredients. La Conserverie ARNAUD also boasts EEC and HACCP standards, a high-performance traceability system, and IFS and ISO 22000 certifications.
For example, this traditional Country Terrine without food colouring or preservatives. A classic dish that has proven itself. Just one of a range that contains around thirty different products, including Label Rouge and Organic recipes.

Nautilus Food is the European leader in canned shellfish, with a wide range of canned, chilled, or frozen fish and shellfish from all over the world. Its international presence opens up unique sourcing and continuity-of-supply abilities for rigorously selected resources. Driven by the desire to satisfy all our customers, we focus on 3 essential values:
- Authenticity and freshness
- Quality, always
- Incredible flavour
In addition to its traditional crab and shrimp products, Nautilus presents a range of original spreads

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