Retailer strategy & new shopping experiences

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Published on 22/04/2020

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• Monoprix is launching Monoprix Plus, a new delivery service based on Ocado technology: a fully automated warehouse with hundreds of picking robots managed by software, and even order management and delivery logistics optimisation.

• During the confinement period, Carrefour and Uber Eats launched a shopping delivery service

• The Monoprix group has brought together its Monoprix and Sarenza subsidiaries by creating a secure payment server (Sarenza know-how) and a free delivery service for the most vulnerable confined people who cannot leave their homes.
Monoprix has also partnered with Happytal to launch the Portail Blanc service on an ordering and delivery service reserved for medical staff, which they can access using their professional email address.
Having noticed that the shopping done on is driven by hygiene-beauty products, Sarenza decided to expand its online range to 52 hygiene and beauty products: shower gels, shampoos, handkerchiefs, toothpastes, face and body care, feminine hygiene, diapers, milk ... and soon sports products and toys.

• The Culinary College of France has created a dynamic map of top-notch food distribution points. The network exists across France, taking into account local protection, containment, and hygiene measures. The map compiles various initiatives that share the same philosophy. It is intended to be practical, intuitive, and user-friendly.

• Due to the COVID-19 crisis’ repercussions on the economy, 19 companies and organisations in Quebec are launching #OnSeSerreLesCoudes, a mutual-aid initiative to encourage people to buy local products and to pay attention to the brands they buy and consume.

• In Quebec again, companies are combining forces to deliver products directly to consumers. This ensures that food and ready meals that can only be found in restaurants or grocery stores are accessible to everyone throughout the crisis. It is easy to place an order on and have it delivered to your home.

• In Kaysersberg (Alsace), Olivier Nasti, chef at Chambard (two Michelin stars) created a gastronomic drive-through to boost business. Customers can order a full meal (weekly predefined menu) for between €28 and €38 and pick it up directly at the restaurant. Deliveries can also be made within 20km.