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Published on 22/04/2020

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After the initial shock and surprise comes the time for reorganisation and reinvention. And once again, it is clear that although France still has no oil deposits … we do still have plenty of ideas. Flexibility, agility, adaptation, and solidarity are the watchwords of companies in the food-processing sector, Although luckily, it has not been the hardest hit, it is constantly needing to reinvent itself and adapt:

Security first: the factories that are still operating have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of their employees: temperature monitoring, new equipment, safety distance between workstations, keeping at-risk staff at home, remote working, etc.
Adaptation: while the French are rediscovering the pleasure of making bread and cakes, raiding the flour supplies of supermarkets and bakeries, the mills are adapting by switching more of their production to 1kg bags.
Cooperatives are selling directly and delivering locally.
Alcohol manufacturers are producing hand sanitiser
To support the cash-hungry CHR network, several beverage distributors and manufacturers launched “J’aime mon bistrot”, an initiative that invites French people to buy vouchers for their favourite bars now, which they can redeem when they reopen.

Market info: Figures and trends

• The frozen foods sector has been struggling for years, but the confinement situation has made it the best-selling department in retail.


A survey conducted in early April by Food Service Vision tells us that since the beginning of the confinement situation, the drop in business has depended on the catering sectors: -30% to -50% for local businesses, -70% to -85% for fast food and hotels,
and -90% to -100% for sit-down, school and company catering. However, some specific collective catering sectors have not seen much change (health and social institutions, military and correctional facilities, civil security, and law enforcement).