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Published on 18/02/2020

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

Eurospechim distributes GreenFood50’s products, including a unique range of quinoa ingredients produced in the Netherlands with locally sourced quinoa: whole quinoa flour, protein-enriched quinoa flour, quinoa starch, as well as various quinoa flakes and crisps. All the products are available as organic.

Foodinnov presents Additive Screener®, a formulation assistance tool for food sector R&D services who are developing a clean label approach. The tool classifies additives from green to red according to societal expectations and the level of health risk. It also provides advice on the regulatory aspects of additives.

Keendoo presents product data processing and centralisation software. These software can group all of the data produced into a coherent, secure, and fully exploitable repository that facilitates R&D and marketing, controls sourcing, complies with regulatory requirements, streamlines packaging creation, ensures product quality, and manages communication with retailers.

Agrosourcing presents over 200 exclusively organic products: dried fruits, nuts, sun-dried fruits, dehydrated fruits, infused and candied fruits.
Green banana flour and date powder are just some of the latest innovations.

Saveurs Passions presents lemon and citrus juices, and mushroom, tuna, tomato, and anchovy products. The ranges include organic and conventional products. One of the latest additions is organic Manchego cheese croquetas.

Eurovanille presents a 100% natural and organic vanilla paste made from Bourbon vanilla. This paste can be used as a topping or food flavouring.

The CTCPA provides its customers with training, technical assistance and R&D in all technical fields: product formulation, including clean & veggie and cereals; processes; packaging; microbiology; nutritional quality; sustainable development ... Our 4 fully equipped technological halls enable you to produce your samples and pre-series, our nutritional quality lab delivers specific advice on ingredients and formulas, and our packaging and microbiology labs can help you make the right choices.

Axe Fruit presents superfruits (cranberries, goji, physalis, white blackberries) and an organic range (chia, quinoa, superfruits)

ADS Food presents a range of organic seasonings, marinades, and rubs.

Fratelli Pagani presents clean label spice mixes for meat and deli products

Vega Fruits presents a range of ingredients from Lorraine Mirabelle plums, cherries and plums. The range includes IQF frozen fruit and fruit purees. A range of oils is also available, including Mirabelle oil that is naturally rich in unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, and tocopherols. And cherry oil that nourishes dry skin and prevents dehydration.

IDMER is a technical centre serving companies in the seafood and associated products sector. IDmer brings the skills, know-how, and tools necessary for developing finished food products and marine associated products.