The strategy of manufacturers / distributors

Category : Distribution channel: strategy and new experiences

Published on 18/02/2020

image The strategy of manufacturers...

• Intermarché announced that it would change the formulation of 900 of its private label branded products, so that they would be better rated on Yuka. The 5th largest French retailer asked its suppliers to ban a list of 140 additives. Food colouring, preservatives, and other flavour enhancers that are very poorly scored on Yuka.
• Leclerc is committed to reducing the number of additives in its products

• Carrefour opened “Source” in Paris, a beauty products store designed in partnership with the Clean Beauty app (Yuka for cosmetics). 75 controversial ingredients have been banned from the products offered.

• Carrefour is setting up a blockchain to guarantee the traceability of its products