The exhibitors’ products

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Published on 24/01/2020

image The exhibitors’ products

Pâtisserie Fabié is launching 7 “mini” vegan recipes (40–45 g) for airline catering: 4 tartlets (apple, apricot, chocolate, and strawberry) and 3 soft cakes (apples, apricot, and mango).

Balarama is an ISO 22000-certified natural and healthy bar manufacturer that was recently IFS certified. Balarama has become the leading producer of organic bars in the European Community.

Les Ateliers du Goût launched two Nutella recipes: A 50 g rolled crêpe with Nutella and an 80 g soft cake with a Nutella heart.

HBS Codefa presents Brumes de saveurs, a collection of 25 cl sprays to personalise your dish.

Triomphe Snat presents Too Good, a range of crunchy cookies.

The French wine trader Paul Sapin presents the Just range of on-the-go wines in 18.7 cl, 25 cl and 37.5 cl format

Van Delft Biscuits presents organic rye crackers made with wheat flour and sesame seeds.

Micvac presents patented technology and packaging for the production of fresh ready meals that have a 60-day shelf life without any additives or preservatives.

Fidafruit presents a wide range of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds (both conventional and organic) for supermarkets and hypermarkets, including French walnut kernels.

Terra Cérès presents a range of organic gluten-free pastries and breads, including Neptune’s organic spirulina bread.

Eurovanille launched Bulle de vanille, which contains vanilla extract bubbles.

Segafredo Zanetti is launching the Natura Bio CHR range, which includes an organic 100% Arabica coffee, organic cocoa powder, and a crunchy organic cookie.

Product Innovation watch
Kellogg’s (UK): Crunchy nuts smoothie Bowl
An on-the-go breakfast in a plastic bowl with a topping of crunchy granola. Just add water

Pepsico (UK): Quaker Kids Oatie Mix-up
A range of 100% whole grain porridges for children without added sugar

Pepsico (Australia) - Lamington cake-flavoured crisps (chocolate/coconut)
Lamington is a very popular cake brand in Australia. Pepsico launched a limited edition co-branding with this famous dessert

Danone (UK) - Pati & Co
New range of ultra-gourmet multi-layer and multi-texture desserts.

New ingredients that are relevant to innovation

Dupont is launching Holdbac YM Vege: ferments used to inhibit yeasts and moulds during the fermentation of plant products

ADM has developed Fibrous soja textura, an ingredient based on a textured soybean concentrate, which is similar in flavour and texture to a piece of meat, once processed

AAK presents Akospread, non-hydrogenated shea fats that are low in saturated fatty acids and are used in the formulation of spreads.

Biovitec presents new bio-preservation ferments specially adapted for cold and cured meats without nitrite salt.

CHR: Hansen is adding Y-1 to its Sweety range: a blend of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which will degrade lactose in dairy products, releasing glucose and lowering the amount of added sugar required.

Regulation and certification watch

• The requirement to note the origin of beef in FAFH will be extended to mutton, pork and poultry meat as of 1st April 2020.
• The European Court of Justice has published an order authorising companies to use phages to prevent Listeria in ready-to-eat products that are not heat-treated (dairy products, smoked salmon, catered products).
• The proposed tax of 1/10 of a cent per kilo of cured meats containing nitrite salt was rejected by the national assembly.
• 57 retail players signed the manifesto calling for more transparency regarding the origin of ingredients. Including all major retailers, as well as manufacturers

Packaging / Process / Technology watch

• Leygatech and CDL Omni-Pack have developed Leygatech LTBIO film, a Home-Compostable fruit and vegetable packaging. It is a biodegradable multilayer film composed of 50% renewable materials.

• Parmentine launched a net with 100% biodegradable and compostable paper.