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Published on 24/01/2020

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• Intermarché is reformulating 900 recipes using the Yuka application and is blacklisting 140 controversial additives as of 2020.

• Toupargel is partnering with the French start-up Efiester, a pioneer in collaborative delivery, to offer students an alternative to food shopping. Created in 2014, Efiester specialises in collaborative e-commerce by organising weekly joint deliveries. 53 campuses in France are now eligible for delivery of Toupargel products via Efiester. Students do their own shopping and pay for their orders. Efiester then sends Toupargel a combined order 1.5 days in advance and schedules a single delivery per campus.
(Source: Le Monde du Surgelé)

• Dallayau opened the Dalloyau Café at Lafayette Gourmet. This new restaurant concept includes a range of products to take away or to taste on site.

• Carrefour opened its first Carrefour Bio in Warsaw, Poland. This new unit is in addition to the 34 existing stores: 29 in France, 4 in Spain, and 1 in Belgium. The company aims to reach a 5 billion turnover in organic products by 2022.

• Leclerc aims to eliminate plastic from the packaging of its 6,000 private label products by 2023, or at least, to replace it with recyclable plastic.

• In Switzerland, the distributor Valora presents Avec Box, a 42 m2 Container store with 1,000 food and HPC products. It can be accessed 24 hours a day via an app.

• A new specification for the CNAB (National Committee for Organic Agriculture) will enable organic restaurants to be certified (rather than simply a dish or a product). These specifications will propose 3 categories of restaurants (Source:
o 1: 50–75% organic products
o 1: 75–95% organic products
o 3: more than 95% organic products
Source: Le Monde du Surgelé

• In Belgium, Delhaize fresh atelier products can now be delivered through the Deliveroo and portals

• Franprix is experimenting with cheeses packed in biodegradable paper rather than in plastic packaging

• Franprix has partnered with Poule House to launch the 1st soft organic chocolate made with hen-friendly Poulehouse eggs.
• Nestlé will introduce the Nutri-Score to 5 countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, and Switzerland.
• Walmart presents InHome Delivery, a delivery service that delivers your groceries directly to your fridge, garage, or living room.

• After a conclusive test, Leclerc is rolling out its new Leclerc Occasion concept. The idea: customers bring the products they want to resell to the store, and receive store vouchers in exchange. (Source: Linéaires)

• Casino is opening its first #Bio Casino, a 216 m2 sales outlet in Issy-les-Moulineaux with 4,000 organic products, 20% of which are private label (Casino Bio and Leader Price Bio). (Source: Linéaires)

Coca-Cola is launching a subscription service in the United States: the Coca-Cola Insiders Club. Each month, members receive a surprise box containing mainly new products.

The surprise box provides a preview of the latest Coca-Cola beverages that are not yet available in stores, as well as other “surprises”. The subscription costs 10 dollars (US) per month or a one-time fee of 50 dollars. Insiders Club members receive the box for six months.

The subscription is currently only offered in the United States, and it is already very successful. In only three hours, the subscription service gained 1,000 members. The company even has a waiting list that interested parties can subscribe to.

• Frichti is launching Frichti for Business, the 1st portal dedicated to enable companies to order fresh and tasty solutions for all their food needs.
• Elior will test the Nutri-Score® in 2 Parisian restaurants