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Published on 13/01/2020

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

After the anti-waste bag that prolongs the life of fruits and vegetables, Alternative Plastics presents the Alguex range, a bio-sourced recyclable material made from green algae and that doesn’t require sorting. The flexible, colourless, patented resins are cost-competitive and strong enough to replace some fossil-based materials, while greatly reducing the carbon impact of the packaging, and without resorting to bio-sourced “food”-based materials.

Knauf Industrie presents Skinboard® Néo, a flat packaging base for products that might overflow and that require a skin or MAP. More refined than a tray, but just as practical, Skinboard® Néo is designed to move the focus from the packaging to highlight the fresh products. It is an ideal solution for vertical shelving.
Skinboard® Néo combines minimalist packaging, unique design, and an environmental solution.

Cartoffset is a shareholder and manufacturing partner of Virgin Bio Pack for the commercialisation of Hybric Tray®, Hybric Flat®, and Flat 3D® trays. Our solutions use 60–80% less plastic. Compact cardboard ensures rigidity, and plastic is reduced to its barrier property. Our trays are intended for fresh products under modified or unmodified atmosphere and for vacuum-packed products.

Presents recyclable PET bottles that offer a barrier against oxygen and the loss of CO2 (beer, cider, sparkling water, etc.). Resilux also offers reusable bottles that are factory-washed at a temperature of 60°C for 15 minutes, then they are checked by sniffing and X-rays to ensure that they are clean and intact. These PET bottles are designed and produced from special PET resins and are blown using a special blowing process. Reusable PET bottles are typically filled approximately 20 times

Stratus Packaging and Parkside present the 1st Home compost-certified printed film

Servoartpack presents a range of bio-based, compostable, and recyclable packaging.

Join the pipe is the leading social network of tap water drinkers. Join the pipe offers reusable BPA-free sugar cane-based water bottles to combat single-use plastic, as well as water filters that can be installed indoors or outdoors directly on the water pipes.