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Published on 05/12/2019

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M.A.D.E.'s exhibitors

Beliès Double-origin olives
The Double-Origin concept is based on mono-varietal olives seasoned with ingredients that have the same origin.
For example, Lucques olives with Espelette pepper: 100% France. Cerignola olives (Italy) with Genoese basil.

Segafredo presents coffees from Brazil, Peru, and Costa Rica.

Lucien Georgelin presents a red Apricot jam from Roussillon. It is also reviving the Marmande tomato sector.

Famille Michaud
For several years, the Famille Michaud Apiculteurs laboratory has been using the NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Identification) technique. This technology can be used to guarantee the honey’s floral and geographical specifics, as well as the absence of added sugars. By producing an identity card for each honey, this efficient method improves the quality of honeys sold to consumers.

Scea Sturgeon presents French caviar, including a Sturia Origin caviar that has been carefully matured for more than 8 months in a maturing cellar.

St Michel Biscuit presents a range of stuffed snacks (Apricot, Raspberry, Fig). A simple recipe with good ingredients: French wheat flour from the CRC® sector and eggs from free-range hens.

Entremont Alliance presents Emmental Tendre Meule, made with the best local milk collected from partners.

Heimburger presents l’Alsacienne, a range of local PGI pasta made from 100% Alsatian ingredients, as well as a Terroir range of local PGI pasta made from 100% French ingredients, including PGI and Label Rouge Loué eggs from free-range hens.

Join the Pipe presents reusable water bottles made from BPA-free sugar cane, to minimise the use of single-use plastic. They can be customised with your company logo.

Eurial is expanding its 300&Bio range with 3 new cheeses made from 100% French milk from western France.
- “Notre Camembert” is packed in a cardboard box and 100% recyclable paper.
- “Notre Fromage à tartiner” is creamy and fresh, with the fleur de sel from Noirmoutier adding an extra touch of decadence.

- “Notre Lingot crémeux” is a delight to eat, and it comes in a fully recyclable packaging.

New ingredients :

Böcker France presents low-sugar, organic, gluten- and lactose-free potato flakes, without preservatives, additives (no rosemary extract), or allergens, packaged under protective atmosphere, and suitable for vegans. The company also sells purple potato flakes made from naturally blue-violet, allergen-free potatoes. Finally, Böcher sells orange sweet potato flakes for a variety of uses: bread-making, pastry-making, baby food, meat products, snacks, soups, sauces, ...

Corman presents an original range of hazelnut butter, including a dry butter for puff pastries and an incorporation butter. These ready-to-use products enable consumers to include a nutty flavour in their pastries, travel cakes, sauces, and broths, while avoiding the delicate production phase. This range offers a unique buttery flavour with hints of roasted hazelnut, without added flavours. Food safety is guaranteed by an exclusive manufacturing process.

Corman also presents a new range of delicious organic dairy butters, including the first organic dry butter slabs for puff pastries in France and an incorporation butter. The dry butter’s excellent plasticity is perfectly adapted to turning, and the incorporation butter is easy to use. Finally, the organic dairy butter also guarantees a consistent texture and flavour throughout the year.

La Cigale Dorée presents a ready-to-use crumble for catering professionals. This pre-cooked crumble adds a crisp and sweet note to desserts and is made in France using simple ingredients. Three flavours are available: Plain, Oatmeal & hazelnuts, Cocoa & chocolate chips. They come in 2kg or 10kg bags and can be room temperature or frozen.

Sébalcé presents natural tonka bean flavours, as well as a natural yuzu flavour.