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Published on 05/12/2019

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Alphaform presents the Takipack range, designed in rPET for an individual salad or dessert.

Biosylva presents a full range of 100% natural and biodegradable palm plates, bowls, ramekins, and trays.

Compos’Table presents a wide range of recyclable, biodegradable containers made from corn-derived PLA.

Huhtamaki presents the BioWare range, made from renewable raw materials. The products comply with the EN13432 standard.

Solia presents a 100% natural lunch box made from biosourced and biodegradable cardboard.

Papierverarbeitung Peters - FSC® paper salad bowls are the sustainable alternative for small and large takeaway salads. They are made from FSC®-certified paper.

Papierverarbeitung Peters - Muffin and pod mould
140 ml | Ø 69 mm | height 56 mm
Thanks to the stability and strength of the paper, you do not need a special steel muffin mould. Just place the baking mould filled with dough on the flat plate and remove it from the oven. Finished muffins come off easily.
The muffin mould has a perforated corrugated edge that enhances the appearance of the muffins.

Papierverarbeitung Peters - Cups for snacks / packaging
Peters FSC® paper cups are currently available in two sizes and two colours (white and brown):
200 ml | Ø 80 mm | height 98 mm
300 ml | Ø 85 mm | height 105 mm

Papierverarbeitung Peters - The Peters Bio Cups are fully recyclable and compostable
The perfect alternative for enjoying coffee or ice cream in an environmentally friendly, resource-friendly, and sustainable way.
Peters organic cups are certified OK compost seal, according to the EN 13432 European standard. They are fully compostable and are made from renewable or fossil raw materials that can be fully reintegrated into the material cycle. Peters paper is sourced from Scandinavian suppliers who source FSC®-compliant and sustainable (FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council Certificate) fibre. The PLA coating consists of a biopolymer based on cornflour. Unlike plastic-coated cups, the new organic tumbler is fully biodegradable and compostable.

EatsPossible is an app that enables consumers to find restaurants that are adapted to their diets. It has a consumer interface to search for restaurants and another for the restaurant.