Focus origins : the market

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Published on 05/12/2019

image Focus origins : the market

The Market

• French smoked salmon companies produce ¾ of the 32,700 tonnes of smoked salmon sold in France. They promote their know-how, their transparency, and their approach to excellence. This has led them to collectively set up Entreprises du Traiteur Frais (ETF) to launch the French Smoked Salmon Charter. This charter guarantees that all stages of the smoked salmon chain take place in France, from the fish arriving in the processing plants to the packaging. To date, the French Smoked Salmon Charter has been signed by 9 of the main companies in the sector, representing nearly 85% of the smoked salmon produced in France.
• 91% of organic stores buy all or part of their local products directly from producers, 1/3 get their supplies from processors or manufacturers, and 1/3 from cooperatives or producer groups, 17% from wholesalers, 6% from dedicated portals, and 4% from central purchasing offices. Local products account for an average of 16% of products sold in organic stores (vs 10% in 2015).


• According to a study carried out by Ipsos for Observatoire E. Leclerc, 82% of French people prefer to buy French products, and 77% prefer products offered by local producers. 79% pay attention to the geographical origin of products, 68% care about labels, and 60% want organic products.
Purchasing local products guarantees the origin (61%) and sustains local jobs (60%). Vegetables (84%), fruits (83%), eggs (73%), and dairy products (67%) are most affected by this local trend.
95% of French people believe it is important that supermarkets support the local economy, and 92% want to see them selling regional products. Only 1 in 2 French people (54%) find that there are enough local products in supermarkets, but 95% would be more willing to go to supermarkets if there were more local ranges on offer.