The exhibitors’ products

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Published on 27/11/2019

image The exhibitors’ products

Olympus Food France presents a range of Greek yoghurts made using a traditional draining process that eliminates excess water, whey, and lactose and makes the yoghurt creamier and thicker, with more protein and less carbohydrates. The yoghurts can be plain, on a fruit base, or with fruit in a separate container

Néogourmets presents a range of soft and shortbread cookies without added sugars, sweeteners, or additives, along with a range of biscuits without added salt or sugar.

The prawn specialist Crusta C presents a range of exceptional fresh and processed crustaceans.

La Quercynoise presents Petits plaisirs d’Occitanie: 4 gourmet terrines and 1 foie gras in an original “Baguette” presentation

Belmoca presents a coffee machine with exclusive faceted aluminium pods. The range includes 6 products: Risolutto, Fair trade, Decaffeinated, Allegro, Crescendo, and Largo.

Loc Maria Biscuits presents crispy and light crepes stuffed with The Laughing Cow, Leerdammer, or Boursin

Agrolis presents blue poppy seeds for your breads and pastries

ARC Food France presents a range of fresh l’Artisane pizza, as well as ready meals made with pasta, olives, and other Mediterranean specialties, like hummus and pesto.

Beyers Koffie
presents a range of certified carbon-offset and CO2-neutral coffees.

Bornholms presents a wide range of tinned seafood products: crab, lobster, or MSC salmon pâté; pepper and/or oil kippers; crab soup; and wild cod liver smoked with MSC beech wood.

Hero Espana is launching two bars: one with dried fruits, including 59% peanuts, and the other with 15% oat and UTZ-certified chocolate proteins.

Product Innovation watch

Truewomen (USA): Bars for women

100% vegetarian bars with flavours inspired by classic cakes: doughnut, cookie, peanut butter fudge, zesty lemon, ... The company supports a healthier diet for women, while also prioritising women-led businesses.

Avita (Germany): Gemüse-Hanf-Sticks

Vegetarian sticks made with chickpea, corn, carrot, parsnip, pea, and hemp. They are breaded and pre-fried. Hemp is a plant source of protein that contains all amino acids, as well as omega 3 and 6, vitamins B1, B2, E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

The Modern Pods (USA) - Hummus Pods®

A new way to enjoy hummus: a frozen 100% vegetarian, GMO-free hummus stick that is easy to cook by placing it for 8–12 minutes in the oven. The flavours are: Zesty lemon, Smoky chipotle, Sriracha lime, Tangier red pepper, Mediterranean olive.

Preservation & Co (Canada) – Bloody Mary Marinara

Pasta sauce inspired by Bloody Marys: made with California tomatoes and the classic cocktail blend of Worcestershire sauce, gherkin brine, and horseradish.

Unilever (Belgium) – B-Better

A range of flavoured vitamin B-enriched water-based beverages in unique 750 ml SIG combidome cardboard bottles, for the combined benefits of aseptic carton packaging and a bottle shape.

Mondelēz (USA) – Capao

Range of Barry Callebaut’s Cacaofruit® snacks that uses the entire cocoa fruit – bean, skin, pulp, and juice – to make a new chocolate (Cacaofruit®). The range includes balls (fruits & seeds & cocoa fruit), strips, and a smoothie.

Barnana (USA) – Organic Banana Snack

Organic snacks made from “ugly, over-ripe, damaged, and scraped” bananas to end food waste, which reaches nearly 20% of production.

New ingredients that are relevant to innovation

Limagrain Ingredients presents PRESCO, a range of puffed cereals for all uses. Thanks to a patented process called PRESCO (PRESsure COoking) that uses pressure and steam, the whole grains are puffed in less than 30 seconds, preserving their flavour and nutritional qualities.

This unique process makes it possible to have different densities for a wide range of applications: breads and biscuits, salads, ready meals, dairy products ...

The PRESCO range offers a wide variety of cereals and grains, including soft wheat, durum wheat, maize, barley, rye, and rice, as well as ancient grains, including Khorosan (Kamut®) wheat, spelt, millet, quinoa, and sorghum.

Finally, six of them (soft wheat, spelt, Kamut®, millet, quinoa, rice) are available as organic options.

Barry Callebaut presents WholeFruit, a delicious fresh and fruity chocolate made from 100% cocoa fruit. While 70% of the fruit normally ends up as waste, WholeFruit is the product of the entire fruit: bean, skin (rich in nutrients), pulp, and fresh, fruity juice. The result is a range of high-quality ingredients that can be used in juices, smoothies, frozen desserts, bakery and pastry products, snacks – and, of course, chocolates.

Capfruit is expanding its Fruit’Elite “Fruits Secs” puree range with a Green Pistachio flavour. The careful selection of varieties and origins enables Capfruit to obtain an authentic 100% green pistachio purée without added sugars, colouring, flavours, or preservatives.

For the last 2 years, Algaia and H&F have worked on mixtures of pectins and alginates to determine the most effective combination in terms of ingredient (seaweed and fruit), extraction process, and formulation. They found that alginate and pectin work synergistically, providing better functionality and stability in bakery uses. The mixture especially works for fillings, toppings, pies, and cookies using fruits.

Regulation and certification watch

New Red Label certifications for

· Canned yellowfin tuna
· Processed forced-fed mulard duck products
· Farmhouse pork terrine
· Farmhouse free-range yellow quail

· New PGI label for Pontarlier Absinthe
· Order of 26 August 2019 approving the red label specifications
· Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1559 of 16 September 2019 amending Annexes II and III to Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the maximum levels for residues of cyflufenamid, fenbuconazole, fluquinconazole, and tembotrione present in or on certain products (Text with EEA relevance.)

The specifications of the following red labels are approved as of the date of publication of this order in the Official Journal:

- No. LA 05/69 “Farmhouse free-range black chicken”;

- No. LA 01/84 “Farmhouse free-range yellow chicken”;

- No. LA 05/84 “Farmhouse free-range white chicken”;

- No. LA 56/88 “Farmhouse free-range yellow chicken”;

- No. LA 02/93 “Farmhouse free-range white chicken”;

- No. LA 23/06 “Farmhouse free-range black chicken”.