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Published on 27/11/2019

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• Walmart is opening its first Walmart Health clinic in the USA. The clinic is attached to a Walmart supermarket and brings together medical, paramedical, and veterinary services (optical, hearing, dental, lab, radiology, ...)

• Monoprix has opened a new concept store in Saint Laurent du Var, with a 400 m2 food court with 80 seats. Alongside Daily Monop products, 3 corners are dedicated to external brands: Mavrommatis (Greek products), Cinco Jotas (Iberian hams), and Happy Yummy (sushi). There is also a Malongo counter.

• Toupargel and Monoprix have signed an agreement that provides for the integration of fresh Monoprix products and groceries across all Toupargel’s sales channels.

• Juste Bio, the French leader in the distribution of organic dried fruits, grains, and legumes (with more than 75% market share and nearly 4,000 points of sale across France and Europe) has launched a virtual “Bulk Store”. Exact weights of 135 products are available and can be delivered to your home or a pickup point.
The Bulk Store can be accessed directly from Juste Bio’s website and aims to be just like a real store, with well-stocked dispensers arranged by product family: Dried fruits; grains and seeds; coffees, teas, and herbal teas; pulses; rice and pasta; breakfast; dry biscuits; spices; sugars; sweets.
Juste Bio is committed to zero waste and is also launching a biodegradable and compostable bag for its products. (Source: Agromedia)

• According to a study conducted by Ecozept, 97% of organic stores in France source local products. 69% do so to support the local economy, 62% to protect the environment, and 58% because that is what their customers want. On average, local products represent 16% of sales and are increasing by 10% per year. Fruits (86%) and vegetables (91%) are the main locally sourced products. Next are eggs and bread: 80% of stores buy those products locally.

• Intermarché is testing the Toque et Pain brand in its Douvaine store. Located at the store’s entrance, it offers a range of on-the-go meal solutions.

• The leader in France in the online sale of organic products, Carrefour’s Greenweez, is launching a private label range.

• Système U stores will feature a “quiet time” slot (between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm) for people with autistic disorders. During this time, the lighting will be dimmed and the radio turned off, there will be a pause in announcements, and the cash register sounds will be minimized (Linéaires)