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Published on 31/10/2019

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The design company Carlo Ratti in Italy is one of those. It has developed a juice bar to serve orange juice in orange peels.

The process works as follows: After pressing the oranges to extract the juice, you keep the peels rather than compost them. Then, let them air dry. Next, the peels are powdered and mixed with polyacetic acid before being converted to a bioplastic 3D printer filament.

This is how glasses made from disposable bioplastic are created. After use, these glasses are recycled once again.

• Schur: Schur®Star Zip-Pop Bag
This revolutionary bag enables you to cook quickly and easily for your entire family. The potatoes and the butter seasoning are kept separate in a two-chamber bag. The steam band in the bag and the specially formulated material provide an extended shelf life and are also what makes the bag unique. It is as simple as that, and no additional ingredients are required.

Van Genechten presents a sealed hybrid cardboard package that is easy to open and close. “It reduces the amount of plastic in the final packaging by up to 95%”, says the company. The top film can easily be removed after consumption.

Multivac presents its range of paper-based PaperBoard packaging that can be processed on its thermoforming or sealing machines. The German group has signed a partnership with the French company Virgin Bio Pack to distribute the products in this range: Hybric Flat, Hybric Flat 3D (with rims) in laminated cardboard, and Hybric Tray for thermoformed trays.