The exhibitors’ products

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Published on 31/10/2019

image The exhibitors’ products

Go Fruselva presents a range of organic or Baby Food fruit and vegetable purees, along with juices and smoothies. The company has invested in HPP technology and offers various packaging options, from cups to bottles and Doy Packs.

IDHEA presents a range of low-sodium sauces in 4–10g sticks (Mustard, Mayo or salad dressing), and a vinaigrette cup

Malakoff & cie presents Gingembrettes – chocolate-coated ginger slices – and fruit pearls: pear (pear paste coated with a layer of almond paste and chocolate) or orangette (candied orange coated with a layer of almond paste and chocolate)

King pelagique presents frozen pre-cooked fish balls

Aquitaine Spécialités presents chocolate canelés.

La Biscuiterie de l’abbaye presents Apéritif Normand, a range of cookies made with PDO Isigny butter. The range includes Camembert, Mimolette, and garlic chive cream.

Maline Thomas’ new family sliced gâche is both convenient and up to the standards of the most demanding gourmets. Inspired by the traditional recipe from Vendée, this gâche is made with the greatest respect and know-how. Made using high-quality ingredients (eggs, butter, cream), Maline Thomas’ gâche is soft and full of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It is guaranteed to contain no preservatives, colouring, or additives.

Chancerelle presents a box of MSC sardines in an organic lemon marinade, with reduced salt and no oil, and skinned sardines without fish bones in virgin olive oil.

The Panettone specialist Dacasto presents a 100% natural Panettone with Grappa and another with Marron glacé.

Erhard Glacier Pâtissier is launching 5 new products: Triple chocolate log; Caramel, raspberry, lime, and vanilla log; Blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla stars; Caramel chocolate stars; and Vanilla and strawberry Igloo.

Ital Passion is launching two Christmas truffle-based sauces from Umbria:
Common mushroom and truffle tartufata, and artichoke cream & truffle.

Lucien Georgelin’s Roussillon red apricot Extra jam was voted the best apricot jam in France by Gault et Millau.

Product Innovation watch

The cold brew coffee trend has come to alcoholic beverages. Jägermeister presents a version with arabica and cocoa. Each shot includes 10% of the caffeine from a cup of coffee.

Kellogg’s USA is launching jerky-style soy-based vegan sticks. Each packet contains 11g of protein and only 80 calories.

In India, Cadbury launched a chocolate bar consisting of four different chocolates: dark, milk, white, and blended. This product is meant to symbolise unity in a country divided by castes, languages, and religions.

Nabisco (Dubai) – Oreo Tang
Oreo cookies with Tang filling (an orange beverage that was very popular in the 70s).

• Behr (Germany) has launched a range of packaged vegetables for steaming. Simply pop the bags in the microwave.