Retailer strategy & new shopping experiences

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Published on 31/10/2019

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• Ferrero presents a birthday shop concept featuring all kinds of products, including non-food. The first concept store at a Carrefour generated 70% growth for tableware and 30–50% for confectionery.

• Intermarché has opened a new store concept called Fab Mag. This prototype store dedicates half of its space to a “Place des Saveurs”, which features a wine cellar and fruits and vegetables. A consumption area called “Alternative” showcases organic and bulk products. A “Kitchen” area offers ready meals and freshly cut and prepared products. Intermarché wants 90% of the private label brands it sells to be manufactured in France within a year. (Source: LSA)

• The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has set up slow tills for the elderly. It provides seniors with a more enjoyable, quieter, and more serene shopping experience. Sainsbury’s inaugurated this “slow consumption” experiment in one of its Scotland stores

• Carrefour's XXL organic concept “Bio Experience” has already been implemented in some thirty supermarkets. It features more than 3,000 items and has a large area dedicated to bulk products.

• Netto (Les Mousquetaires) is launching Pop, a new Hard Discount-inspired concept that aims to provide an enjoyable discount experience. It will feature discontinued items and organic and bulk products, ...

• Franprix has unveiled its new Parisian concept Darwin 2. The salad bar is transformed into a catered bar that offers hot products and breakfast items. A rotisserie for frying nuggets, chips, and churros, and a pizza oven. Bulk products in recyclable cardboard boxes that are more ecological and hygienic, along with top non-food brands: Hema, le Drugstore Parisien and Cdiscount. (Source: Linéaires)

• According to Nielsen, organic products represent 9.8% of Monoprix sales, which is twice the average across the retail sector.
• Monoprix is launching the Monoprix Bio Origines brand based on the following:
• A short and clean list of ingredients
• Priority to French and fair-trade products
• Respect for animal welfare and a CSR approach
• Anti-waste packaging