M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

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Published on 15/10/2019

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

SegaFreddo Zanetti launched the San Marco V6, a coffee machine aimed at the catering market, which enables 12 coffees to be made simultaneously. It uses an old-fashioned system but sports a racing car design.

• Vandemoortele presents a range of sauces in cups for takeaway meals, snacks ... The latest launch is a Thousand Islands vinaigrette, a tomato vinaigrette with a sweet and sour, slightly spicy flavour. It can be served with shellfish, shrimp, or hot fish dishes. It is equally amazing with cold vegetables.

• Maison Menissez presents two pre-grilled Panini breads: standard (2x150g) and small (4x75g)

• Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin present a wide range of fresh creams in buckets, jars, or long-life containers for catering professionals, as well as a range of culinary mixes in 1kg buckets (lemon-dill, 3 peppers, tomatoes and basil, pomegranate and mushroom.)

• Routin presents a range of syrups, liqueurs, and sauces for catering professionals. The new products include a brownie syrup, a chili syrup, and a cherry blossom syrup.

• Naive Food presents a range of varied and original products for salad bars, sandwich bars, bakeries, burger shops, bagel stores, hot dog concepts, and coffee shops. Recent launches include a new soft chocolate pastry with a Milka® centre.

• St Michel Biscuit is expanding its Juste à Dorer range with a small (18g) frozen Madeleine with citrus fruit and another with vanilla. They are returning to the true flavour of Commercy’s madeleines. Made in Commercy, France, these authentic madeleines come in a lunch format (x2) and are also ideal for gourmet original coffee breaks! They can easily be included in buffet spreads or shared with others! Heat them in the oven at 190°C for 4.5 minutes to ensure all the freshness, crumbliness, and softness of the madeleines!

• La Fabric’Végétale presents organic vegetarian pancakes and meatballs that are cooked and sterilised by autoclave. The cooking process is improved by removing the preliminary cooking phase to include it in the sterilisation phase. AB certification for a gourmet range that is accessible to all.

• Soubry, the pasta leader in Belgium, presents a range for the catering sector, particularly spelt penne rigate.

• Gelagri presents a cauliflower semolina from France in the Paysan Breton RHD range.

• Eurial presents a 45% fat shredded mozzarella that is specially designed to adapt to the temperatures and cooking times of conveyor ovens.

• Camargue Production presents a range of rice in 5 kg bags for the catering sector, including a trio of organic PGI-label Camargue rice.

Boncolac is launching 2 pies with its “signature” shortbread dough: an exotic fruit pie with passion crust and a chocolate pie with crumble topping.


Böcker France presents low-sugar, organic, gluten- and lactose-free potato flakes, without preservatives, additives (no rosemary extract), or allergens, packaged under protective atmosphere, and suitable for vegans.
The company also sells purple potato flakes made from naturally blue-violet, allergen-free potatoes.
Finally, Böcher sells orange sweet potato flakes for a variety of uses: bread-making, pastry-making, baby food, meat products, snacks, soups, sauces, ...

Corman presents an original range of hazelnut butter, including a dry butter for puff pastries and an incorporation butter. These ready-to-use products enable consumers to include a nutty flavour in their pastries, travel cakes, sauces, and broths, while avoiding the delicate production phase. This range offers a unique buttery flavour with hints of roasted hazelnut, without added flavours. Food safety is guaranteed by an exclusive manufacturing process.

Corman also presents a new range of delicious organic dairy butters, including the first organic dry butter slabs for puff pastries in France and an incorporation butter. The dry butter’s excellent plasticity is perfectly adapted to turning, and the incorporation butter is easy to use. Finally, the organic dairy butter also guarantees a consistent texture and flavour throughout the year.

La Cigale Dorée presents a ready-to-use crumble for catering professionals. This pre-cooked crumble adds a crisp and sweet note to desserts and is made in France using simple ingredients. Three flavours are available: Plain, Oatmeal & hazelnuts, Cocoa & chocolate chips. They come in 2kg or 10kg bags and can be room temperature or frozen.

Sébalcé presents natural tonka bean flavours, as well as a natural yuzu flavour.