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Published on 15/10/2019

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• IKEA presents a vegetarian version of its iconic meatball. It apparently has a carbon footprint that is 96% lower than the standard meatball. The Swedish furniture chain serves 680 million meals a year worldwide for a turnover of €2.2 billion. 20% of IKEA’s customers come only for the restaurant!
Ikea already sells 10 million vegan hot dogs each year, compared to 110 million standard hot dogs.

• Fast-food giants are turning to click & collect.
• Starbucks’ new

Pick-up-only café in New York is inspired by its Now concept in China, where customers place orders via their smartphone and pick them up without waiting in line.

• McDonalds has opened a restaurant in London that only sells takeaway. Customers order at the kiosks and can collect their food more quickly, as the employees are fully focused on preparing the orders.

• In Los Angeles, Pizza Hut uses a locker system where customers can pick up their order after they have paid for it.

• In China, Starbucks and Alibaba are launching a Voice Command and Home Delivery Service based on Tmall Genie, Alibaba’s Smart Speaker. According to experts, conversational shopping is expected to account for 6% of all online spending by 2022, or $40 billion.
• Food society will open the largest food court in Europe across 5,000 m2 near Montparnasse station. It will house 35 restaurants and bars.
• The Belgian Foodmaker restaurant offers edible (grain-based) containers for its healthy and natural snacks. (Source: LSA)

• Coop offers ReCircle reusable boxes for on-site and takeaway meals at its 182 restaurants and Take It locations. In exchange for a deposit of 10 Swiss Francs (€9.2), customers can take the ReBox home and bring it back to Coop restaurants or partner stores.

• Subway has signed a partnership with UberEats that should enable 80% of Subway outlets to offer a delivery service by the end of 2019 (already 280 out of 450 today).
• Deliveroo has set up a central purchasing unit to enable restaurant owners to purchase discounted food and supplies. In addition, Deliveroo has announced that it will expand its business in France to reach a third of the French population.