Category : Process technologie

Published on 10/09/2019


- The bulk product sales network Day by Day is testing “Faire Bien,” the organic fair trade dairy brand of Danone’s subsidiary Les Prés Rient Bio. The product is packaged in large plastic bags at the brand's production facility in Normandy. It is then introduced into a vending machine that enables customers to fill 250g or 500g cardboard yoghurt containers.

- Mon Gobelet is a 100% biobased flax composite goblet. It is made from PLA (polylactic acid), resulting from the fermentation of starch and flax, a natural plant fibre of which France is the world’s leading producer. When discarded, it is non-polluting. In fact, it can serve as compost. The first 25,000 goblets produced should be commercialised towards the end of the year at a price of €1 per unit.

- Idocaps presents refillable coffee pods. It consists of a wooden support on which to place 12 empty pods. The consumer pours his choice of fine ground coffee and seals the pods with a sheet of self-sealing operculum. The pods supplied by Idocaps are made of Vegemat, which is manufactured by the French company Vegeplast.

- Candia, the milk brand of the French dairy cooperative Sodiaal, is commercialising the first UHT milk carton in France without aluminium or plastic overpack.