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Published on 03/04/2019

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Main lesson from the Ipsos survey for interbev :

o 96% of French people identify as omnivorous
3% of French people identify as vegetarians and 1% as vegans.
91% of French people say they consume meat at least once a week.
46% of French people say they have reduced their meat consumption
89% of French people think that we should eat less meat but of better quality

Only 39% of French people consume vegetarian dishes outside their home. But 80% say they are sympathetic to the trend.

The French consume an average of 52 kg of potatoes per year, including 20–25 kg of fresh potatoes. 62% of French people cook potatoes at least once a week. The potato is the favourite vegetable of 52% of French people

2 in 3 say they consume Asian food at least once a month, and 1 in 4 people eat it every week. Only 8% of French people say they never consume it.

Young people and people living in big cities (more than 100,000 inhabitants) are the main consumers of Asian cuisine. 80% of French people under 35 years of age say they eat Asian food at least once a month, and 71% of those who live in these large cities.

According to CHD, around 60% of French consumers visit a snack bar at least once a week (whether for lunch or dinner). Snackers stick to their habits and eat lunch at a snack bar on average 5 times a week (a market of 140 million lunches per week), spending an average of €9.70. 57% of consumers snack at lunch time – mainly young people aged 18–34 (80%) and 35–49 (68%). The other opportunities are breakfast (19%), afternoon tea (15%), and dinner (20%). Snacking now also represents 7% of dinners per week – twice a week on average – representing the equivalent of more than 24 million dinners a week. The main players in the evening snacking sector remain fast food (on-site and takeaway) and delivery, which account for nearly 60% of dinners.

The exhibitors’ products

presents a range of organic or conventional plain and flavoured couscous
Beetroot, mushroom, ... and a red lentil couscous.


Cipal presents a new premium range of spreads. All the ingredients are top-notch and have the “BIO” label. This delicious guilt-free treat is 50% mayonnaise and 50% yoghurt and comes in a fully recyclable and eco-friendly container (40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional plastic packaging).

Four available recipes:

o Organic homemade mayonnaise
Organic salmon salad
Organic shrimp salad
Organic chicken salad spread


DIETSENSOR : A portable scanner analyses the food’s components (proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, total calories), then connects to a Tefal scale to model the information against a pre-established profile. By weighing and scanning what you plan to eat, the app can tell you what is missing or needs to be removed. The software is designed for diabetics, cardiovascular patients, those suffering from high cholesterol, etc.

For the general public, a simple and free (or more elaborate and paid) app enables you to make better shopping choices by scanning the bar code and make better combinations and portion sizes according to your personalised profile and goals (maintain or lose weight, muscle ...).

Andriani :
innovative pasta with a unique flavour from using naturally gluten-free ingredients such as: Brown Rice, Corn, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Lentils, Peas, Chickpeas, Green Soy, Oats


Cs France
presents sea noodles: a surimi noodle base that is rich in protein and low in fat.


PLN & Liquats Vegetals
present a wide range of vegetable-based beverages: Soy, almond, rice, oats, and other flavours. Conventional and organic.


IOD Sea food :
10g salmon appetisers with 3 flavours: Plain, Wild Garlic, Provençal


Biscuits Mistral :
Chocobeurs® is Mistral’s star. It is a long pure butter madeleine coated entirely with chocolate. You will not find its equal anywhere else. The Chocobeurs® are packaged in pairs.


Scampi with sauce, available in two different recipes: a traditional garlic and parsley sauce and a devil sauce made from tomatoes and basil.


Per Inter :
MINI SCAMORZA FUMEES are small, soft cheese balls. Their smoky aroma and colour are a byproduct of the natural smoking process using wood chips. Its 4g format is new and enables several hot and cold uses.


Saveurs modernes :
grinder of dried truffles.


Fuchs :
This spicy sugar based on Tonka bean improves hot chocolates and desserts. This sugar reinvents the flavour of your breakfasts and desserts.