Veille packaging

Category : Process technologie

Published on 19/02/2019

image Veille packaging

Pernod Ricard partnered with BlackSheep, a start-up that aims to revolutionise the order-taking process at a restaurant or bar using a no-download web-app that enables you to order and pay in 3 clicks. Together, they developed an innovative concept of connected glass, which was introduced to the public on 10th July at the Plaza Havana Club summer venue. This glass has an NFC chip that enables the consumer to order a cocktail while in a bar. The order is immediately sent by mobile. All that is left is to wait for the beverage to arrive or to receive a notification to pick it up at the bar. Bearing in mind that 30% of customers give up on a purchase after waiting more than 10 minutes, this new concept is designed to simplify and improve the consumer experience. By reducing the time spent ordering, the connected glass enables customers to enjoy themselves with their friends without having to hail or wait for the server.

The Parisian start-up Mo-ka is banking on the “invisible” checkout, which uses AI located in the handle of shopping baskets. The smart handles are available at the store entrance and fit on a reusable basket provided by the start-up. The buying experience starts with letting your smartphone’s NFC technology identify you on the Mo-ka app. (Linéaires)