M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

Category : Consumer trends & developments in purchasing behavior

Published on 04/07/2018

image M.A.D.E.’s exhibitors

Afis: frozen organic sweet potato fries



Alpina Savoie is launching Bio de France organic pasta



AlterFoodie presents Petites Pousses: organic soy-free dairy alternatives


BioPorc presents a range of organic French meat-based delicatessen.




Brousse Vergez, which specialises in dried and candied fruits, is launching a magical blend of organic ginger, bananas, cranberries, and hazelnuts.




Peny presents a range of organic ready appetisers. Chicken with spring vegetables, Pork à la Provençale, Pork in a caramel sauce, Lasagna bolognese, Chili con carne, And several other recipes ...


Cité Gourmande presents organic frozen bistro fries



Compagnie Biodiversité presents organic buckwheat/spinach spaghetti



Dr. Karg’s presents organic mini quinoa/spelt crackers





Épices Fuchs has launched a range of organic spices.





Gelagri is launching a Veggie range of dishes and cakes available in conventional and organic options.



Grandma Emily presents a range of organic crispy mueslis and cereal bars



Krazan presents Sarrazé. Organic buckwheat seeds from Brittany, dehulled and toasted. Sarrazé is so much more than kasha. It is used as a spice, to season and enhance any dish. It is also used in pastries and chocolate as it remains crisp.




Compagnie Bio de Provence presents LE TOAST BIO ET VEGAN DE ROGER Without preservatives or GMOs



Apiculteurs Associés presents organic maple syrup



Méo Fichaud presents decaffeinated coffee pods without biological solvent




Meralliance presents organic sliced smoked salmon