The French and their Appetisers

Category : Consumer trends & developments in purchasing behavior

Published on 16/04/2018

image The French and their Appetiser...

The appetiser course is a favourite part of the meal for almost all French people and can easily become a meal itself. Most often enjoyed at home with family and/or friends, it is served on average 1.3 times a week, with a spike on weekends.

The appetiser course is often improvised and only takes an average of 20 minutes to be prepared. It usually consists of ready-to-eat products from seven main sectors: Crisps, tuile biscuits, tortillas ... / Savoury biscuits, seeds, dried fruits, olives ... / Delicatessen / Prepared foods and seafood ??/ Fruits and vegetables, fresh olives / Cheeses / Frozen foods.

Consumers are interested in a range of fresh appetisers: Three-fourths of French people who prepare appetisers at home would like to be able to see all fresh appetisers in one place when shopping. More generally, the vast majority of them would like all fresh and savoury appetisers and alcoholic beverages to be sold in one aisle. (Source: Arcane research 2017)

  • 98% of French people associate the appetiser course with feelings of warmth and happiness. It rises above all from a spontaneous desire to meet friends and loved ones, to create a bond, and to share moments with those we care about. It plays a vital role in bringing people together in a modern society that is sometimes perceived as difficult and isolating. This is why 81% of French people say that the appetiser course is an act of joyful resistance to the global epidemic of anxiety.
  • 67.6% of French enthusiasts say that the appetiser course meets a basic need for them (a proportion that rises to 89.3% for those who regularly host an appetiser course)
  • 32.5% of French people associate the appetiser course with freedom