The Senate plans to abolish the tax on mineral water

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Published on 13/11/2017

image The Senate plans to abolish th...

Following its adoption by the National Assembly last week, the Social Security budget is now being considered by the upper house. The Senate committee decided to add an amendment to end the tax on mineral water.

This would be terrific news for producers! According to an article published on the Public Sénat website, the committee on social affairs took advantage of the review of the 2018 Social Security budget to propose an amendment removing the existing tax on mineral water. The tax currently amounts to €0.54 per hectolitre. “I do not see any reason why we would tax water in the same way as sugary beverages. I think it is healthier to promote the consumption of water,” said Jean-Marie Vanlerenberghe, the general rapporteur of the Social Security budget in the Senate. A similar amendment was tabled during the discussion of the Social Security bill in the National Assembly, but it was withdrawn during the open session. We will have to wait until the start of the Senate’s public session on Monday, 13th November, to know the final outcome.

Moreover, the upper house’s commission approved most of the measures adopted last week by the National Assembly. In particular, the new version of the soda tax. Result: the tax will be triggered starting with 1 gram of sugar per 100 millilitres (or 1 kilo per hectolitre) and will be modulated according to each beverage’s sugar content. The government hopes this behavioural tax will change the habits of consumers and manufacturers.