Nutri-score: the decision

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Published on 03/11/2017

image Nutri-score: the decision

As stipulated by the European Inco Regulation (Consumer Information - EU 1169/2011), the Member States are allowed to implement simplified and voluntary labelling, in addition to the mandatory nutrition table. The goal of the Nutri-score system is to improve the nutritional information presented on products and to guide consumers to a more balanced diet. The system proposed by Professor Serge Hecberg from Inserm ranks products from the healthiest to the least healthy by combining a letter (A, B, C, D, E) and a colour (from dark green to red). It also takes into account positive (fibres, proteins) and negative nutrients (saturated fatty acids, sugars, and salt).

Nutri-score was selected after a test phase conducted in real conditions in stores. Four systems were tested (also including Sens, Nutri-Couleur, and Nutri-repères).