These yearly awards highlight the innovative know-how of exhibitors, in line with the expectations of consumers and the requirements of the various distribution networks.
The winners are chosen after a first round of selections and a final decision by a panel of professionals based on several criteria:


The Excellence Award is the ultimate prize and identifies the best innovation among the winners.

The winners of the 2019 M.A.D.E. AwardsLes lauréats des M.A.D.E. awards 2019

Best of M.A.D.E. 2019Le best of M.A.D.E. 2019

Innovation de rupture
Breakthrough innovation
Carrés Futés – Carrés futés
A unique and fun way to add vegetables to your diet.
Innovation marketing
Marketing innovation
Culture Miel – C’est qui le patron French honey in a 250g jar
A sustainable honey that protects bees and provides a fair income to beekeepers
Innovation packaging
Packaging innovation
Tetra Pak - TetraTop
An environmentally friendly packaging made of: 82% renewable materials (mostly cardboard) and 18% plant-based plastic.
Innovation recette
Recipe innovation
Brioches Fonteneau – Brioche made with whole grains and flours
A product that meets consumer expectations for nutritional improvement through using whole grains, ancient grains, and seeds.
Open Innovation
Open innovation
Patisserie Fabié - Dessert configurator
A desserts service to meet the personalisation needs of consumers.
Innovation Technologie
Technological innovation
Segafredo Zanetti - San Marco V6 espresso machine with levers
An extremely stylish machine with a traditional piston system and a window to showcase the copper mechanism.